Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Supreme Disrespect

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia got in hot water earlier this week when he did WHAT at his church's Sunday service?

A) Took five dollars change out of the collection plate after putting in a ten dollar bill
B) Wouldn't shake hands with the man next to him during the "peace be with you" part of the service
C) Dropped the host during communion
D) Made an obscene gesture on the church steps

D) That's right, the Catholic Supreme Court Justice made an obscene gesture while standing on the steps of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, prompting the Boston Herald to opine that it was "conduct unbecoming a 20-year veteran of the country's highest court — and just feet from the Mother Church's altar."

Scalia made the popular Sicilian obscene gesture — flicking his hand under his chin — after a Herald reporter asked him if he faced many questions over his impartiality when it came to matters of church and state. And when caught in the act by a photographer for a local Catholic newspaper, Scalia tried to cover his tracks by responding, "Don't publish that."


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