Thursday, March 16, 2006


Here in Los Angeles, we are gearing up for the annual running of the Los Angeles Marathon, to be held this coming Sunday.

And, perhaps surprisingly, so is a local group of church leaders, who have joined together to ask the city to do WHAT to the annual event in the future?

A) Include a prayer service as part of its opening ceremony
B) Ask female runners not to compete in “inappropriate attire,” such as sports bras and short shorts
C) Donate 10 percent of race proceeds to local churches
D) Hold the event on a day other than a Sunday

D) Seems that church leaders claim that their congregants have trouble navigating the changing traffic patterns on Marathon day, and therefore, forego Sunday services. One church says that last year on race day, only 12 people made it to a service that typically draws 300.

To give credit where credit is due, the church leaders have asked city officers to avoid running the race on Saturdays (the Jewish day of worship) or Friday afternoon (the Muslim time of worship).


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