Thursday, March 23, 2006

Now They’ll Really Have to Abstain

The Bush Administration, never one to shy away from funneling taxpayer dollars to religious institutions, took the unusual move of agreeing to stop funding a Christian-based teen abstinence program last week.

Why? Because the group was accused of using the more than $1 million in federal funds it received for Christian proselytizing, including giving away items inscribed with Bible verses and having its members tell teens how accepting Jesus has improved their lives.

Another hint: The group’s website reads: “We rely solely upon God’s redemptive grace for our existence, our vision, and our sustenance, trusting in His sovereignty as we seek to convey hope to all we serve.”

So, just what is the name of this group that got caught preaching the Good Word thanks to the help of your tax dollars?

A. James Dobson’s Focus on the Family
B. The Ohio Restoration Project
C. Pat Robertson’s Liberty University
D. The Silver Ring Thing


D) The Silver Ring Thing, which, among other things, gives teens silver rings inscribed with Bible verses to encourage them to abstain from sex. The group now will not be eligible for any more federal funding unless it ensures the money won’t be used for religious purposes.


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