Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Holy Crap!

Will someone please again explain to me why Christians think that they are the righteous ones who should get to rule the country based on their own sense of God-given morality?

1) Case in point, Roger Warren Evans, a 53-year-old volunteer Bible study teacher at the First Advent Christian Church in Tustin, CA, a suburb of the OC (Orange County for those who aren’t hip), who was recently arrested for WHAT offense?

A. Sexually abusing an under-aged boy
B. Sexually abusing an under-aged girl
C. Sexually abusing a female parishioner
D. Sexually abusing a stray cat

2) Where did this sexual abuse occur?

A. The church rectory
B. The church courtyard
C. The church basement
D. The church Bible-study class

3) And in addition to his Bible-study work with First Advent Christian Church, Evans is also a volunteer prayer counselor for WHAT organization?

A. The Trinity Broadcasting Network
B. The 700 Club
C. Focus on the Family
D. The Ohio Restoration Project

1. A: Evans sexually abused a 9-year-old boy
2. D: He did it in his Bible-study class
3. A: Evans is also a prayer counselor for the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Seems that over a two-year-period, Evans would single the boy in question out for disciplinary measures during his Bible-study class, then get the boy alone and spank him. The spanking, in turn, would sexually arouse Evans, who would next fondle the boy, and threaten to spank him even harder if he told anybody.

Police are now starting to look for more victims…


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