Friday, March 31, 2006

Sexual Abuse Scorecard: The 2005 Results Are In!

The nation’s Roman Catholic Church just released their annual report on sexual abuse allegations by members of its clergy.

Keep in mind that these are the same people who are so moral and Godly that they would rather allow parentless children in their care to remain orphans than allow them to be adopted by gay couples — presumably because gays can’t be trusted around children.

So, just how many new sexual abuse allegations against members of its own clergy did the Church receive in 2005?

A) 438
B) 519
C) 621
D) 783

D) 783 new cases were alleged — many of them going back decades. That brings the grand total of allegations against Catholic clergy to more than 12,000 since 1950.

Among the more recent highlights here are a case in Chicago where a priest accused of child molesting was allowed to remain in the ministry for months after the first allegation — in direct violation of new Church rules on the subject — and was finally removed from his post ONLY after he was criminally charged.

But our favorite is still the case of Bishop William Skylstad — accused of sexually abusing a woman when she was a child some four decades ago — who now still is active as the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Once again, we at Holier Than Thou offer a simple compromise: We’ll start taking the Church’s claims to the moral high-ground in cases of abortion, birth-control, stem-cell research and homosexual rights seriously, when they stop letting their priests get away with sexually abusing children.

We fear we’ll be waiting on this one for quite a while…


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