Thursday, February 23, 2006

Suffer the Children

Yesterday we at Holier Than Thou discussed the new salvo in the Christian Right’s war against gays — the fact that 16 states are now working on efforts to ban homosexuals from adopting children.

But it seems that several states have similar measures on the books already.

So, can you match the state with its gay-adoption laws?

1) THIS STATE has barred gays and lesbians from adopting children since 1977, although it does allow them to be foster parents
2) THIS STATE bans any unmarried couple — gay or straight — from adopting children
3) THIS STATE has anti-bias laws that protect the rights of gays and lesbians to adopt, although the Catholic Church here is seeking an exemption to keep homosexuals from adopting children from its church-run agencies.
4) And THIS STATE bars gay couples from adopting, but in an embarrassing loophole, allows for SINGLE gay men and women to adopt

A) Florida
B) Utah
C) Massachusetts
D) Mississippi


1) A: Florida bars gay adoption, but allows gays to foster
2) B: Utah bars any unmarried couple from adopting
3) C: Massachusetts allows gay couples to adopt — something the Catholic Church is fighting
4) D: And the geniuses in Mississippi allow single gay men and women to adopt, while barring gay couples from adopting.


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