Thursday, February 16, 2006

Food For Thought

From our Not Terribly Relevant But Too Good to Pass Up Department comes word of a new university study that compared the weight of members of a single religious group to that of the population at large. Why they decided to conduct this study is a mystery to us.

Anyway, the result was that members of THIS religion weighed an average of 4.6 pounds more than the rest of the population, and was 14 percent more likely than nonmembers to be obese. What’s more, male adherents of this religion were more likely to be obese (18 percent) than its female members (9 percent).

So, can you name this religion?

A) Roman Catholic
B) Southern Baptist
C) Presbyterian
D) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
E) Judaism

D) The study, conducted by Prof. Ray Merrill of Brigham Young University, found that Mormons were simply fatter than the rest of Utah. One potential reason: that LDS members turned to excessive eating as a substitute for prohibitions against smoking and drinking.

“In the church, we have a lot of don’ts,” said BYU’s Steve Aldana, who also worked on the study, “and now finally here’s a do — go ahead and eat — and boy, we do eat.”


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