Wednesday, February 08, 2006

All the Crucifixens You Want

It just keeps getting weirder…

1) Bowing to pressure from the American Family Association and other Evangelical groups, which television show has scuttled plans for an episode in which Britney Spears would portray the host of a Christian cooking show called “Cruci-fixins”?

A) ABC’s “Desperate Housewives”
B) CBS’s “Two and a Half Men”
C) NBC’s “Will & Grace”
D) Fox’s “Arrested Development”
E) WB’s “7th Heaven”

2) Despite this week’s dust-up over the “Cruci-fixins” episode, the term for Christian-themed culinary offerings as actually first used years ago in WHICH Fox show, where a character called Rev. Lovejoy offered “Crucifixens” at a church ice cream social?

A) “Arrested Development”
B) “In Living Color”
C) “Melrose Place”
D) “The Simpsons”

3) And in the above Fox show’s episode, which of the following was NOT among the Crucifixens flavors offered?

A) Blessed Virgin Berry
B) Commandmint
C) Biblegum
D) Jew-cee-fruit

1) C: Will & Grace
2) D: The Simpsons
3) D: As far as we know, there has yet to be an ice cream flavor — fictional or not — named Jew-cee-fruit


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