Thursday, February 09, 2006

Be Careful What You Pray For…

Pastors from some of the country’s largest mega churches have descended upon Inglewood, Calif., this week under the auspices of the Global Pastor’s Network’s “Billion Souls Initiative.”

The objective? To start 5 million new churches worldwide over the next ten years (that’s 370 new churches a day).

It’s all part of the Global Pastor’s Network’s ultimate goal of speeding up the end of WHAT?

A) Abortion
B) Homosexuality
C) The Worship of “false religions”
D) The World

D) The World. That’s right, the Global Pastor’s Network is trying to speed up the arrival of the End Time, the Rapture, and the Second Coming of Jesus. And to do this, they believe, they have to convert more Christians.

We will let James Davis, president of the campaign, explain from here: “Jesus Christ commissioned his disciples to go to the ends of the Earth and tell everyone how they could achieve eternal life. As we advance around the world, we’ll be shortening the time needed to fulfill that great commission. Then, the Bible says, the end will come.”

Added Davis, “The current generation may actually live long enough to see this.”

And if the End Time doesn’t come in our generation? The group can still work on its other goal of evangelizing 83 percent of the world’s population by the year 2200.


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