Friday, February 17, 2006

Don’t Touch That Dial!

If you think that “The Book of Daniel” ruffled some religious feathers, then just wait for the fight that’s about to break out next month.

It is then that THIS new show will premiere — which has already garnered complaints from religious group’s asking the network to air a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode.

What is the show?

A) HBO’s “Big Love”
B) PBS’ “Sex Slaves”
C) The WB’s “Just Legal”
D) Fox’s “Head Cases”
E) UPN’s “Get This Party Started”
F) MTV’s “Who Wants to Buy My Daughter?”

A) HBO’s “Big Love,” a drama starring Bill Paxton as a Viagra-popping Mormon polygamist with three wives to contend with. Mormon groups in Utah are already asking HBO to put a disclaimer at the top of the show — presumably to distance the Latter Day Saints from its polygamist past…and sometimes present.

And no, as of yet, there is no show — on MTV or elsewhere — called “Who Wants to Buy My Daughter?” But any interested TV executives can feel free to contact us at Holier Than Thou for a complete pitch.


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