Friday, July 14, 2006

A Little Confession

Tom Gallagher, a GOP gubernatorial candidate in Florida, has been making a lot of noise about his strong sense of family as he seeks to lock up the Christian conservative vote in his upcoming primary.

In fact, Gallagher has repeatedly made a campaign issue out of his chief opponent’s divorce some 25 years ago.

Thus, Gallagher caught more than a few people off guard when he recently held a conference call with state media to admit to which TWO of the following.

A. An extra-marital affair
B. Using marijuana
C. Being homosexual
D. A past criminal record
E. Being an illegal alien

A and B: In short, during his first marriage, Gallagher liked to fool around with someone other than his lawfully wedded bride and smoke a lot of weed.

But in taking a page out of the Christian damage control handbook, Gallagher now claims that his faith in Jesus makes him a better man.

“Christ does change lives,” he said. “I’m a different person because of my relationship with Him.”


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