Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Readin,’ Writin’ and Jesus

At a time when academic standards are slipping across the country, it’s good to know that the Christian Right has put a premium on education —not the good old-fashioned readin’, writin’ and ’rithamatic, of course, but Bible education.

So, toward that end, WHICH state just passed a new law that will allow high school students to receive public school academic credit for going to off-campus Bible study classes?

A. South Carolina
B. Georgia
C. Florida
D. Utah

A. South Carolina. Called the South Carolina Released Time Credit Act, the law is designed to let students earn academic credit while leaving their campuses to attend church-sponsored religious training.

“Our moral values are so eroded by what’s happening in our country,” said one such Bible school coordinator. “We need something to offset it, and this is one way of doing it.”


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