Thursday, July 13, 2006


Regular readers of this space will recall how proud we were recently to find a priest convicted of something OTHER than molesting parishioners.

Well, we’ve found another!

It seems that the Rev. Joseph W. Hughes of Rumson, N.J., plead guilty to embezzling more than $75,000 from the coffers of the Church of the Holy Cross in this upscale parish in the Garden State. (Authorities believe he took closer to $2 million.)

So, keeping in mind the example set by Jesus Christ, just what did the Good Reverend spend his ill-found gain on?

A. Jewelry, BMWs and Caribbean vacations
B. Mutual funds
C. Gambling in Atlantic City
D. Hush money to blackmailers threatening to expose Hughes’ homosexuality

A: Hughes spent the money living high on the hog, buying fancy vacations, BMWs and bling! (He also, we kid you not, bought a $200,000 home for a church carpenter.)

Hughes will return the money, pay $120,000 in income taxes, and spend the next five years in state prison.

Said the convicted priest: “I betrayed the trust of the people, and I am truly and heartfeltly sorry.”


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