Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Family Matters

We at Holier Than Thou just love those politicians who claim to support “family values” – primarily because so few of them actually LIVE by those same values.

Case in point, Republican Jim Galley, a self-processed “pro-traditional family” candidate who ran for Congress in California’s 51st Congressional District in San Diego (just a stones throw from Duke Cunningham’s old seat).

Aside from espousing such traditional family values, what else can be said about Galley? (Careful: There’s more than one correct answer here…)

A. He has been married three times
B. He was married to two women at the same time
C. He defaulted on his child support payments
D. One of his ex-wives filed a restraining order against him, claiming he beat both her and their son
E. He was victorious is yesterday’s primary election

A, B, C and D are all correct! (Thankfully, he lost yesterday’s primary election.) Let’s hear it once again for Traditional Family Values!


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