Friday, November 03, 2006

Know Your Candidates: I’m a Better Christian Than You

Welcome to another installment in our continuing series, “Know Your Candidates,” a pre-election public service where we take a closer look at various candidates from the Religious Right.

Today we at Holier Than Thou are wondering why we even bother to have elections. After all, if THIS senatorial candidate is to be believed, it is God Himself who chooses the winners and the losers on Election Day, not the ballet box.

Not only has this candidate urged voters to elect only “tried and true” Christians, and not only has this candidate said that “God is the one who chooses our rulers,” and not only has this candidate said that non-Christians “don’t know better,” but this candidate has gone so far as to call their Democratic opponent a Christian hypocrite.

“[He] claims to be a Christian” this candidate said, but he supports policies “completely contrary to what we say we believe.”

This despite the fact that the Democrat in question is known for regularly attending prayer groups in the Capitol, is the former Chairman of the National Prayer Breakfast, and even carried a Bible with him on a Space Shuttle mission in 1986.

So, just WHO is this senatorial candidate who is questioning their opponent’s Christian credentials and literally claiming to be Holier Than Thou?

A. Pennsylvania Republican Rick Santorum
B. Virginia Republican George Allen
C. Florida Republican Katherine Harris
D. Tennessee Republican Bob Corker
E. Montana Republican Conrad Burns

C: Anything this crazy has to be coming from Katherine Harris of Florida, who finds herself trailing Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson by a wide margin in the days before the election.

Says Nelson in his defense, “My faith is the essence of my being. But it is a part of my life I don’t feel I should try to take advantage of in the public square.”

Then again, if Harris is correct in her statements that God pulls the only lever that counts on Election Day, we’re sure she has nothing to worry about.

Once again, we’ll keep you posted after Election Day!


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