Thursday, October 26, 2006

More Must See TV

For a network mired in fourth place, NBC sure seems to be at the center of the Religious Right’s campaign against what we watch on TV.

Last week we reported that the network earned the ire of Christian groups for airing the word “tits” in “ER.” (Really, that’s all it took to launch a complaint to the FCC).

But a closer look reveals that the tits incident has only scratched the surface of the Religious Rights’ complaints about the network.

So, just to set the record straight, which of these is NOT an actual Christian campaign against NBC?

A. NBC was targeted by Christian groups until it agreed to edit out a controversial scene from Madonna’s current tour — to air next month — in which the Material Girl hangs from a mirrored cross while singing her song “Live to Tell”
B. NBC was targeted by Christian groups after it edited out references to “God” in the children’s animated series “VeggieTales”
C. NBC was targeted by Christian groups after the Oct. 15 airing on “Sunday Night Football” for airing a routine by the Atlanta Falcons cheerleading squad that was seen by some as being sexually suggestive
D. NBC was targeted by Christian Groups for the premiere of the new series “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” during which the fictional TV show runs afoul of sensors for its plan to air a skit called “Crazy Christians.”

C: As of yet, there has been no complaints against the Falcons — or any — cheerleading squad. The complaints against Madonna, “VeggieTales” and “Studio 60,” however, are very, very real.


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