Thursday, November 02, 2006

Know Your Candidates: Dysfunctional Family Values

Welcome back to another installment in our continuing series, “Know Your Candidates,” a pre-election public service where we take a closer look at various candidates from the Religious Right.

Today we want to take a look at so-called family values, and how one Holier Than Thou congressional candidates is pushing this issue to the absurdist extreme.

This candidate not only falsely accused his democratic challenger of wanting to import homosexuals to the United States, and not only falsely suggested that his opponent was gay, but he also criticized his challenger for being “childless” — as though this is somehow an amoral thing to be — despite the fact that his opponent’s wife had a hysterectomy more than 20 years ago!

So, just WHO is this congressional candidate who puts the “F” into family values?

A. California Republican Duncan Hunter
B. Ohio Republican John Boehner
C. Pennsylvania Republican Curt Weldon
D. North Carolina Republican Vernon Robinson
E. Colorado Republican Rick O’Donnell

D: North Carolina Republican Vernon Robinson, who, while exaggerating outlandish charges against U.S. Rep. Brad Miller (D), proclaimed during a recent debate, “Those are San Francisco values, not North Carolina values.”

Responded a bemused Miller, “It’s clear that Vernon Robinson is obsessed with sex.”

Who will the voters choose? Come back to this space on November 8 to find out!


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