Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Election Day!

We at Holier Than Thou have spent the better part of the last week looking at the various campaign foibles and follies of various candidates from the Religious Right. And with the election finally upon us, we thought we’d check in on the leader of the evangelical political movement himself — no, not Ted Haggert, we’re talking about President Bush!

Alas, the poor president is so disliked these days, most Republican candidates want nothing to do with him. But the day before the election, Bush managed to find one Holier Than Thou candidate who was willing to stand beside him for one last campaign stop photo op.

So, WHICH candidate is so desperate that being seen with Bush is actually considered a plus?

A. Pennsylvania’s Rick Santorum
B. Ohio’s Mike DeWine
C. Florida’s Katherine Harris
D. Virginia’s George Allen

C: Only Katherine Harris — whose campaign was so inept that the While House tried to get her to drop out of the race — wanted to hitch a ride on Bush’s coattails prior to Election Day, leaving struggling candidates Rick Santorum, Mike DeWine and George Allen steering clear of our Commander in Chief.

Check back here tomorrow to see how all of our favorite Holier Than Thou candidates did!


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