Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bless This Rumba

Sorry, but even after yesterday’s Sara Evans divorce-fest, we still can’t get “Dancing with the Stars” out of our heads.

1). So please indulge us today as we ask, Ms. Evans aside, which of the five remaining “Dancing with the Stars” candidates has their priest come down to the studio to bless them before each taping?

A. Monique Coleman
B. Joey Lawrence
C. Mario Lopez
D. Emmitt Smith
E. Jerry Springer

2). And while we’re on the subject, WHICH of the following un-wholesome things can be said about our blessing-minded dancer?

A. They appeared nude in a steaming shower scene on F/X’s “Nip/Tuck”
B. They were accused of sexual assault in 1993
C. They had their marriage annulled after only six weeks
D. All of the above

1). C: That would be “Saved by the Bell’s” Mario Lopez

2). D: All of the above. Not only did Lopez recently show his backside on “Nip/Tuck,” but in 1993, he was accused by two women of sexual assault (charges in both cases were not filed due to a lack of evidence), and his 2004 marriage to Ali Landry was annulled after only six weeks.

At least Lopez didn’t follow “Saved by the Bell” colleague Dustin “Screech” Diamond into the world of X-rated videos…


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