Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Liberty Sunday

Spearheaded by the Family Research Council, some 1,000 evangelicals descended on Boston’s Tremont Temple Baptist Church for the annual Liberty Sunday event. And with Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at the helm, the group railed against what it considers to be a growing evil in this country that, among its other dangers, is now a threat to their very right to religious expression.

So, just WHAT was the target of Liberty Sunday?

A. Recent IRS investigations of churches illegally engaged in politicking
B. Criminal investigations of Catholic Bishops, including Los Angeles’ Roger Mahoney, involved in the church’s sexual abuse scandal
C. Some 28 million dollars that have been allocated to church groups through the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives that still have not been distributed
D. Gay marriage

D: Gay marriage. The group chose Massachusetts for the rally since it was the only state to legalize same-sex unions. But by any measure, it’s quite a stretch to claim that gay marriage has eroded their religious freedom.

That didn’t stop Family Research Council President Tony Perkins from saying, “When we look at what has happened with same-sex marriage, as it began in this stand and threatens to spread across the country, we’ve seen in its wake the loss of religious freedoms and the ability to speak out based upon one’s moral conviction.”

Perkins was apparently speaking about a local father who was arrested while making a stink at his son’s school to protest the school’s approach to homosexuality.

Eight states will take up amendments banning gay marriage on the November ballot.


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