Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fire and Brimstone from South America

By now we’ve all heard Venezuelan President Hugh Chavez telling an assembly at the United Nations that President George W. Bush was “the devil.”

But we can all rest assured that not all South American politicians share that point of view.

In fact, Rafael Correa, the front-running presidential candidate in Ecuador, said that calling Bush the devil is terribly offensive. To WHOM?

A. The 800 Ecuadorian troops who served in Iraq as members of the “Coalition of the Willing”
B. The five Ecuadorian citizens who were killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11
C. Good Christians everywhere
D. The devil

D: The devil. We’ll let Mr. Correa take it from here:

“Calling Bush [the devil] is offending the devil,” he said. “The devil is evil, but intelligent…. I believe Bush is a tremendously dimwitted president who has done great damage.”

Yet another heart and mind won over the Bush administration.


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