Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Republicans Behaving Badly

Ripped straight from the “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” playbook comes two tales of Holier Than Thou politicians whose election campaigns have hit troubled waters after breaking the First Commandment of Religious Right Politics, which is obviously, “just don’t get caught.”

So, can you match the politician with his misdeed?

1). Rep. Don Sherwood, a four-term congressmen and married father of three from Pennsylvania who has built his career on supporting “family values”
2). Richard Mountjoy, a California Republican running for U.S. Senate who opposes abortion, favors prayer in school, and calls himself the “moral” alternative to Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein

A. Was accused of choking a woman, 35 years his junior, whom he was having an affair with in his Washington DC apartment
B. Lied about his military record by claiming to have served aboard the famed battleship USS Missouri during the Korean War when he actually served aboard a much smaller and less storied cruiser
C. Misused more than $300,000 in political contributions for his own personal gain, including buying a houseboat, jet-ski and race horse
D. Entered rehab after crashing his 2006 Mercedes Benz into the back of a school bus while driving under the influence

1). A: Family values man Don Sherwood admitted to the affair, but claimed not to have assaulted his mistress while doing so. (That’s a violation of the Seventh Commandment, for those of you keeping score.)
2). B: And Richard Mountjoy claimed to have served upon the Missouri, although the Navy has no such record of his service. (Which, of course, is a violation of the Ninth Commandment.)


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