Monday, September 18, 2006

Third Time’s a Charm

Speaking before a group of conservative journalists recently, President George W. Bush noted that he sensed a “Third Awakening” of religious devotion in the United States.

For those in the Conservative Christian movement, such a Third Awakening would indeed be a major historical event — the First Great Awakening refers to a rise in Christianity among the American colonies in the mid 1700s, while the Second Great Awakening is said to have happened between 1800 and 1830.

So, just what did Bush say is pushing this “Third Awakening” forward?

A. A growing embrace of the “Culture of Life” in America
B. Pro-family movements spurred on to fight gay marriage
C. The War on Terror
D. The recent passing of the millennium

1) C: The War on Terror is apparently making Americans — at least Christian Americans — more passionate in their beliefs, according to the president. The reason? “A lot of people in America see this [War on Terror] as a confrontation between good and evil,” he said. “Including me.”

A Bush aide was quick to point out that the President didn’t mean to imply that the War on Terror was a Christian battle against Islam.

“This is not ‘God is on our side’ or anything like that,” the aide clarified.


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