Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dirty Words

While you’ve been busy living your life blissfully unaware, the American Family Association has been busy trying to protect you from one of the most dangerous forces in America — dirty words.

In fact, the AFA has been rallying its Christian troops against the broadcast of several television shows and events in recent years, such as “NYPD Blue.”

Now comes word that the group has sent an action alert to its membership, looking for them to send angry protest letters to the FCC urging a crackdown against WHAT upcoming broadcast?

A. F/X’s season premiere of “Nip/Tuck”
B. Lifetime’s season finale of “Cheerleader Nation”
C. CBS’s documentary “9/11”
D. TBS’s special “The World’s Funniest Commercials”
E. PBS’s kids show “It’s a Big, Big World”

C: CBS’s documentary “9/11,” which will air — as it has twice previously aired — unedited, firemen and other emergency workers swearing as they tried to save lives at the World Trade Center.

“Share this information with your Sunday School class,” the AFA alert says.


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