Monday, September 11, 2006

Texas Two-Step

It seems disgraced ex-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has plenty of time on his hands these days while he twiddles his thumb awaiting his trial in Texas for alleged political corruption.

1). So what’s the former exterminator doing to fill up those empty hours? Well, for one, DeLay wrote a serious letter about WHAT hit TV show directly addressing the viewers?

A. ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”
B. Fox’s “House”
C. CBS’s “Survivor”
D. NBC’s “The Office”
E. Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report”

2). Okay, okay, we’ll give you the answer, it was ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” which kicks off its new season on Tuesday. In DeLay’s stern missive, he exhorts viewers of the audience-participation show to WHAT?

A. Watch anything other than the show because the dancing is lascivious and too sexual for the family hour and promotes homosexuality.
B. Vote for Tucker Carlson, conservative contestant and host of MSNBC’s “The Situation with Tucker Carlson” because he’s a good man with a true heart.
C. Call ABC and demand that the contestants dress more modestly.
D. Vote for the Republican country singer and GOP supporter Sara Evans over contestant Jerry Springer, a liberal, because “we need to send a message to Hollywood and the media that smut has no place on television.”

1). A: ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”
2). D: Vote for Republican country singer Sara Evans. DeLay’s letter says, in part, “Sara Evans has been a strong supporter of the Republican Party and represents good American values in the media. From singing at the 2004 Republican Convention to appearing with candidates in the last several election cycles, we have always been able to count on Sara for her support of the things we all believe in. Let’s show Sara that same support by watching and voting for her each week to help her win this competition. One of her opponents on the show is ultra liberal talk who host Jerry Springer. We need to send a message to Hollywood and the media that smut has no place on television by supporting good people like Sara Evans.”


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