Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Like Father, Like Son?

Karl Rove, nicknamed by President Bush as “boy genius” for his ruthless strategizing and smear campaigning, has been a seminal figure in pushing forth this administration’s conservative policies. But in the new book, “The Architect,” which chronicles Karl Roves’ life and conservative agenda, authors James Moore and Wayne Slater have found some interesting skeletons in Rove’s closet. The authors reveal that Rove’s father, Louis Rove, was WHAT?

A. Gay
B. Interested in black magic before he found Christ in 1979
C. An ex-convict who was jailed for embezzling from a church
D. A bigamist who had a second family in Pensacola, Fla.
E. The son of an abortionist

A: Gay. According to the book, Louis Rove left his family during the 1969 Christmas holidays and moved to Los Angeles where he eventually “came out.” Rove keeps a photograph of his father on his White House desk and has remarked to reporters that his father “lived life exactly the way he wanted to live it.” But apparently, Rove just doesn’t want any other gay person to live life exactly the way he or she wants to.


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