Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Christmas in August

Sure, it may be mid-summer and the temperature is a sweltering 110 in the shade, but the first salvo in the War Against Christmas 2006 has just been fired!

Specifically, our good friends at the American Family Association have themselves in a lather over a catalogue sent out by a major retailer with the sacrilegious statement, “Plan ahead for the holidays.”

The catalogue also features “Holiday Cards,” “Holiday Ribbon” and “Holiday Gift Bags.”

In response, the American Family Association is mobilizing against this retailer because, according to the AFA website: “First advertising of the season does not mention the Reason for the Season.”

WHAT is the retailer?

A. JC Penny
B. Sam’s Club
C. Toys R Us
D. Neiman Marcus

1) B: Sam’s Club.

“It is very important that as many as possible send an email to Sam’s Club,” the AFA website implores. “Perhaps our efforts will encourage other companies not to ban ‘Christmas.’”


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