Friday, September 29, 2006


Previously, we at Holier Than Thou have noted that several Polish priests were suspected of spying on then Pope John Paul II on behalf of communist Poland’s secret police.

But now it seems like the Polish church spying scandal has just gotten a lot bigger.

Keeping in mind that during the communist era, it was common for Poles to spy on one another for that country’s secret services.

But now, documents recently released by the now-democratically elected government of Poland show that
THIS percentage of the Polish clergy were also spying on the countrymen for the Polish secret service?

A. Five percent
B. Ten percent
C. Fifteen percent
D. Twenty percent

C: A full 15 percent of Polish priests were involved in passing information on their parishioners and fellow clergy to the communist government’s secret police — putting a whole new wrinkle on the sacrament of Confession.


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