Thursday, August 10, 2006

Too Much of a God Thing?

Why did Leonard Scarcella, mayor of Stafford, Texas, recently say that his city is being burdened by an “excessive number of churches,” and is now looking for a moratorium on any new houses of worship moving into his Houston-area town?

A. Because church congregants have taken over city council meetings, demonstrating in favor of new city laws against abortion, sex education and homosexuals living within the city limits
B. Because, as non-profit organizations, the churches don’t generate any tax revenue for the city
C. Because the churches bring in “the wrong element,” i.e., African Americans, from neighboring towns
D. Because “You can’t find a parking space on Sunday.”

B: The churches, 51 packed into seven square miles of city space, don’t pay any taxes, leaving the city starved to support its police, fire department and schools.

“I don’t hate God,” said Mayor Scarcella. “We just have to protect what’s left for commercial development.”


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