Thursday, July 20, 2006

Who Do Christians Shoot?

As Mary Carol Winkler moves closer to trial for shooting her preacher husband in the back, many of the God-fearing folk of Selmer, Tenn. are still scratching their heads over Winkler’s motive.

Sharon Everitt, a neighbor of the now-dead minister and his wife, seemed to sum up the town members dismay and confusion when she said:

“What would cause a godly woman to do such a thing? Christians don’t shoot… WHAT?

A. …innocent men”
B. …their husbands”
C. …preachers”
D. …Christians”

D. “Christians don’t shoot Christians” proclaimed Ms. Everitt, once again leaving the non-Christians among us to feel a bit uneasy around members of the Christian Right, who apparently have no compunction about shooting the rest of us.


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