Monday, July 24, 2006

Dog-Gone Nuts

Last week, James Dobson’s Colorado Springs-based ministry Focus on the Family unveiled a new website featuring a barking basset hound puppy named Sherman. During a news conference to promote the website, a Focus employee wore a dog suit to delight guests at the group’s visitors center.

1). So, why was this odd new website launched?
A. To bring attention to the dangers of loving pets more than Jesus
B. To bring attention to the horrors of cloning in all its forms
C. To combat domestic partnership laws for gay couples
D. To bring attention to the large number of stray dogs put to sleep each year

2). At the website we see Sherman, a doe-eyed basset hound puppy and then we are asked the piercing and thought-provoking question: “If dogs were born to bark, why are some people trying to convince you that they can:

A. …moo.”
B. …feel empathy.”
C. …sing opera.”
D. …go to heaven.”


1. C: To combat a domestic partnership law in Colorado that will be on the ballot this coming November.
2. A: Moo, which is Focus on the Family’s oh-so-subtle of saying that gays choose to be gay, they aren’t born that way. Their “logic” being that God would never create a homosexual. Just go to to read Focus’ insightful view of domestic partnerships and homosexuality. It’s good for a laugh.


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