Thursday, March 02, 2006


In the past, we at Holier Than Thou have looked at Christian Exodus, a group of Evangelicals who are planning a mass Christian migration to South Carolina. Once there, they plan to take over the state government at the ballot box and ultimately turn America into a nation based on Biblical law.

So, we decided to check back in to see how the group, led by Cory Burnell, is doing.

Burnell reports that, thus far, more than 1,200 Evangelicals have signed up on his website either agreeing to move to South Carolina or giving money to the cause.

But how many of those people have actually made the move to South Carolina?

A) 20
B) 100
C) 250
D) 750

A. So far, it seems that a whopping 20 Christian Exodus members have made the big move to South Carolina — a state of some 4.2 million people.

Thus, we are glad to report, it seems that America will be free of living under Biblical law for a few more months at least!


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