Tuesday, February 07, 2006

He Writes the Songs

As if the Catholic Church doesn’t have enough trouble with men who show an unnatural attraction to pre-pubescent children, now comes word that THIS pop signer has designs on recording songs based on original prayers written by the late Pope John Paul II.

A) Michael Jackson
B) Pete Townsend
C) R. Kelly
D) Bill Wyman

A) Michael Jackson. Seems the rights to these prayers, penned by the late pope, belong to a private company called Edizioni Musicali Terzo Millennio, which now wants them set to music. “As a celebrity he [Jackson] is perhaps a bit remote from the teachings contained in the Pope’s prayers,” said Father Giuseppe Moscati of Edizioni Musicali Terzo Millennio. “But if he can help us put together a group of singers that fulfill the criteria of the project then we’ll study the proposal.” And, when asked about the wisdom of having a man who was just acquitted of sexual abuse, Father Moscati dismissed such concerns, adding, “He [Jackson] has been cleared of all charges.”


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