Friday, October 28, 2005


While the debate over “Intelligent Design” rages on, CBS News recently conducted a poll to gauge how American’s view the Origins of Man. Thus, they asked more than 800 individuals whether they thought the human species was created by God in our present form, had evolved over time via natural selection (evolution), or had changed over time as guided by God.

So, can you match the belief about human origins with the percentage of Americans who hold that belief?

1) God created human beings in our present form
2) Human beings evolved over time as guided by God
3) Human beings evolved over time via natural selection, with no influence from God

A) 51 percent
B) 30 percent
C) 15 percent


1) A: 51 percent believe that God created man as he stands today.
2) B: 30 percent believe that man might have changed over the years, but it was all God’s doing.
3) C: Yes, that’s right, only 15 percent believe in the process of natural selection.

Perhaps most surprising in the survey is the fact that only 24 percent of those with a college degree or higher believe in Darwinian


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