Sunday, October 23, 2005

Supreme Intervention

By now we’ve all heard — despite the Bush administration’s insistence that religion has NOTHING to do with it — that the Bush administration has also insisted that conservatives need not fret because Harriet Miers will do the right thing on the United States Supreme Court because she is an evangelical Christian.

But that got us wondering — just what is the religious background of the remaining eight Supreme Court justices?

While you’re correct in assuming that none of the Supreme’s are Rastafarians, Sufis, Buddhists, Muslims or Wiccans, can you match up the judge with his/her religious denomination?

1) Chief Justice John Roberts
2) Stephen Breyer
3) Ruth Bader Ginsburg
4) Anthony Kennedy
5) Antonin Scalia
6) David Souter
7) John Paul Stevens
8) Clarence Thomas

9) And for bonus points, what religious persuasion is outgoing Justice Sandra Day O’Connor?

A) Catholic
B) Episcopalian
C) Protestant
D) Jewish


1) A: Roberts is Catholic
2) D: Stephen Breyer is Jewish
3) D: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Jewish
4) A: Anthony Kennedy is Catholic
5) A: Antonin Scalia is Catholic
6) B: David Souter is Episcopalian
7) C: John Paul Stevens is Protestant
8) A: Clarence Thomas is Catholic
9) B: Outgoing justice O’Connor is Episcopalian

Thus, for those of you keeping score (as we are), the final religious tally on the court is: Catholics 4, Jews 2, Episcopalians 1, Protestants 1, and, assuming Miers is confirmed


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