Friday, November 17, 2006

And a Friendly Reminder for Married Catholics Everywhere…

Yesterday we looked at the new rules for being a Gay Catholic in America, as released following a two-day meeting by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. But the bishops didn’t just single out gays — they also reiterated some strong rules of conduct for straight parishioners, too.

Among these edicts was a reminder that Catholics should not receive Communion if they have sexual relations outside of marriage. But they also noted that MARRIED Catholics of childbearing age should not receive Communion if they do THIS — despite the fact that a whopping 96 percent of such Catholics do it anyway. What is it?

A. Support abortion rights
B. Use artificial birth control
C. Engage in sexual intercourse for purposes other than conceiving
D. Watch pornography

B: Use artificial birth control.

The bishops acknowledge that their prohibition on birth control is unpopular, since fully 96 percent of married Catholics of childbearing age indeed use birth control. (We at Holier Than Thou have to wonder if 96 percent of UNMARRIED Catholics are using birth control!) But as Bishop Arthur Serratelli reminded those who disagreed, “To be a Catholic is a challenge. To be a Catholic requires a certain choice.”


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