Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Holy Water

In the midst of a severe drought, the mayor and city officials of Lubbock, Texas have proposed THIS plan to ease their water woes.

A. Ask churches to stop watering their lawns
B. Have a local minister bless the city’s main reservoir
C. Ask local residents to cut back on bathing to free up water for such Christian purposes as baptisms and holy water
D. Pray and fast for rain

D: The Lubbock city council and county commissioners are expected to approve proposals that would ask local residents to both pray and fast for rain this Sunday.

“Nobody is going to tell God what to do and what not to do,” said Mayor David Miller, “but we are in a serious drought in West Texas and since He is the man who controls the rain clouds, we’re asking Him for His mercy and His help.”

Local officials say such prayers have worked in the past, most notably in 2004, when prayers in January led to the region’s second wettest year on record.


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