Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Polls Apart

A new Gallup poll recently asked Americans about their beliefs on the origins of man.

So, today we ask you to match the belief to the percentage of Americans who believe it.

1) God created man exactly the way the Bible describes it
2) Man did evolve, but God guided that evolution
3) God had no part in the evolution of man
4) Other

A) 4 percent
B) 12 percent
C) 31 percent
D) 53 percent

1) D: 53 percent say God created man just the way the Bible says
2) C: 31 percent say the God guided man’s evolution
3) B: 12 percent say that God had no part in the evolution of man
4) A: 4 percent chose other or do not know

The report went on to note that, not surprisingly, those with lower levels of education, church-goers, Republicans and older Americans are more likely to believe in the Bible’s story of the creation of man.


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