Monday, January 23, 2006

Christians of the World, Unite!

Welcome to the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2006, a worldwide, multi-denominational event sponsored by the Vatican and the World Council of Churches designed to transcend theological differences among Christians around the world at a time when the differences between these groups seems to be growing.

And, to make the point that not all Christians are cut from the same cloth, the Rev. John Drane, an Episcopal priest from Scotland, took a moment to describe what the “average” Christian worldwide looks like while recently speaking at a Unity event in Los Angeles.

So, dear reader, we ask you how well you can pick the characteristics of the average Christian:

1) The average Christian is a:

A) Man
B) Woman

2) The average Christian is:

A) White
B) Black
C) Latino
D) Asian

3) And the average Christian is:

A) North American
B) South American
C) European
D) African
E) Asian

4) And the average Christian is:

A) Under 20
B) In their 20s
C) In their 30s
D) In their 40s
E) Over 50

Worldwide, the average Christian is…

1) B: A woman…
2) B: Who is black…
3) D: Living in Africa…
4) B: In her 20s

Yes, apparently, the Southern Baptist’s worst nightmare has come true! In fact, whites make up only 30 percent of all Christians worldwide.


At 8:27 PM, Blogger damian said...

Amazing. Are sources available for those statistics?

At 6:44 AM, Blogger Greg Spring said...

Absolutely. I got the information from an article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times on Jan. 21, 2006 written by K. Connie Kang, Times Staff writer. The headline was "Christians Come Together for Unity Week." You can do a Google search and read it online. Enjoy!

At 4:55 PM, Blogger damian said...

Thanks so much! These stats are truly eye-opening, and I just wanted some backup when I reference them in the future.


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