Monday, January 16, 2006

Science: 1, Intelligent Design: 0

Intelligent Design proponents have long pointed to existing mysteries in biology and science as proof of their claims that the universe is far too complex for a “designer” (i.e., God) not to have created it.

After all, they claim, if science can’t explain something, than it must be the work of God.

So those I.D. supporters suffered a stinging setback this week as scientists have finally figured out the science behind WHAT?

A) How bumble bees fly
B) How to clone a goat
C) The origin of the bacterial flagellum
D) Where babies come from


A) How bumble bees fly. A team from Cal Tech studied the flight of bees, and found that as the weight of the bee (or the load they are carrying) increases, bees manage to increase their wing stroke amplitude without adjusting the frequency of their wing beats in order to stay aloft. Said researcher Douglas Altshuler, “People in the ID community have said that we don’t even know how bees fly. We were finally able to put this one to rest.”


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