Friday, December 02, 2005

Sticks and Stones

What’s in a name?

Let’s ask Michael Scanlon, a lobbyist (and former aide to Republican Rep. Tom DeLay), who recently plead guilty to bribery charges stemming from his lobbying efforts.

As part of the Scanlon investigation, a memo was uncovered in which Scanlon discussed with a lobbying client his plans for a “get out the vote” effort targeting Evangelical Christians.

So, what did Scanlon call the Evangelicals he was planning to rely on to support his cause?

A) Our Loyal Supporters
B) God’s Army
C) Warriors for Christ
C) The Bible Thumpers
E) The Wackos

E) The Wackos, as in “The wackos get their information through the Christian right, Christian radio…Simply put, we want to bring out the wackos to vote against something and make sure the rest of the public lets the whole thing slip past them.”

Could it be that these Evangelicals are seen by many Republicans as a political tool to be exploited? Or is “wackos” merely a term of endearment?


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