Monday, November 21, 2005

He Touched Me (Again)

With the constant headlines about the Catholic Church’s ongoing sexual abuse problems, it’s easy to forget that other denominations are having their own problems with members of their clergy and church workers letting their love for sexually assaulting under-aged parishioners trump their love of God.

Thankfully, you’ve got us here to remind you.

1) Christopher Fouts spent three years working for the Peninsula Covenant Church in Redwood City, Calif., before being fired on charges that he molested two teenaged boys there. In what capacity did he work for the church?

A) Pastor
B) Choir Director
C) Youth Director
D) Janitor

2) Of course, when it comes to molesting parishioners, the Catholics are hard to beat. What percentage of priests from the 1972 graduating class of California’s St. John’s Seminary went on to allegedly molest children? (We’ll even give you a hint: since the 1950s, about 4 percent of all Catholic priests are alleged to be molesters.)

A) 5 percent
B) 10 percent
C) 25 percent
D) 30 percent


1) C: Fouts was the church’s youth director, which made molesting teenaged boys all the more convenient.
2) D: More than 30 percent, which is more than 700 percent higher than the national average. Is it something in the water?


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