Friday, November 18, 2005

Election Redux

Forgive us, but with so much going on in the past week or so, there are still a couple of final results from the Nov. 8 elections that we’d like to go back and take a look at.

By now we all know that the Religious Right took a beating in California (where the anti-abortion Prop. 73 was defeated) and in Pennsylvania (where eight pro-“Intelligent Design” school board members in Dover were defeated in their re-election bids).

But how well did the evangelicals do in some of their other political races around the country? Let’s find out.

1) The Reverend Jimmie Hicks Jr. was up for re-election to his city council seat in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, running against an openly gay opponent. The Rev. Hicks was well known to area voters for his efforts to stop the city’s
domestic partner registry, which recognized gay (and straight) couples living in a committed relationship, but gave them no legal status or marriage rights.

So, did the good Reverend win or lose his election?

2) Question 1 on the Maine state ballot sought to overturn a law that protected gays and lesbians from discrimination in employment, housing and access to credit. The anti-gay measure was championed by the Christian Civic League of Maine.

So, was Question 1 passed or rejected by Maine voters?

3) Proposition 2 on the Texas state ballot sought to amend the state’s constitution by placing a ban on gay marriages — although state law currently bans gay marriages anyway. Prop. 2 also aimed to take things on step further, by stopping any future legislation that sought to grant legal rights and protections to gay couples that were similar to the rights that married couples were afforded. The measure was supported by several prominent evangelical groups and churches as well as the Ku Klux Klan.

So, was Proposition 2 passed or rejected by Texas voters?


1) Rev. Hicks lost his re-election campaign.
2) Question 1 was rejected by Maine voters.
3) Proposition 2 was passed by Texas voters. When the KKK and the evangelicals are in agreement, we wonder what Jesus thinks.


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