Friday, November 11, 2005

Get Out the Vote

Are religious conservatives in California looking to turn the other cheek at the ballot box in 2006?

Fresh off the stinging defeat of their Prop. 73, which would have required teenage girls under 18 to notify their parents before having an abortion, evangelicals and the Religious Right are already pondering their next foray into the ballot initiative process.

(Just a quick aside here: We at Holier Than Thou still can’t believe that the Religious Right promoted Prop. 73 as a way to protect teenage girls from sexual predators.)

So, looking ahead to 2006, which of the following are these groups NOT discussing putting on the California ballot?

A) A measure to stop state-run Medi-Cal payments for abortions.
B) A measure to force the teaching of “Intelligent Design” in state schools.
C) A measure to restrict sex education in the state schools.
D) A constitutional amendment to ban “gay marriage” in the state.

B) Intelligent Design: Thus far, at least, evolution is still alive in well in the Golden State.


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