Monday, November 07, 2005

Who Would Jesus Boycott?

Today we are taking a closer look at an emerging tool in the Christian Right’s arsenal: the consumer product boycott. But lest you think this is a “What would Jesus drive?” attack against gas guzzling SUVs, the targets of these boycotts — and the reasons behind the boycotts — may surprise you.

So, for today’s question, we ask you to match the current and/or threatened boycott target of the Religious Right with the reason cited for the boycott.

1) Levi Strauss
2) Proctor & Gamble
3) Tylenol
4) Walgreens
5) American Girl dolls

A) Supports Planned Parenthood
B) Donates to Girls Inc. (formerly Girls Club of America), which it claims has a “pro-abortion and pro-lesbian agenda”)
C) Ran commercials on “Will & Grace” and “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”
D) Took out ads in a gay magazine
E) Is sponsoring the 2006 Gay Games

1) A: Levi’s supports Planned Parenthood
2) C: P&G ran ads on “Will & Grace” and “Queer Eye”
3) D: Tylenol ran ads in a gay magazine
4) E: Walgreens is sponsoring the Gay Games
5) B: American Girl donates to Girls Inc.

But, should your Evangelical leanings make you inclined to follow these boycott guidelines, but you fear your young daughter has her heart set on an American Girl doll for Christmas this year, fear not. The Pro-Life Action League, which is at the center of this boycott, is steering its members to purchase “A Life of Faith” doll, which “features stories of girls living out their Christian faith with heroism” instead.


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