Sunday, September 25, 2005

Family Values: Quiz #8

Welcome to this week’s installment of Holier Than Thou, in which the President has ample reason to pray, religious conservatives just say “no” to drugs, the Vatican gets accused of aiding and abetting war crimes, and the Christian Right embraces its feel good hit of the summer.

So, how well have you been keeping abreast of the latest developments from the Religious Right? Sharpen your pencils and let’s find out. (ANSWERS BELOW)

1) President Bush declared this past September 16 as a National Day of Prayer and Remembrance for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. So, just what was the president’s nephew John Ellis Bush (and son of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush) doing instead of praying and remembering?

A) Serving with the 101st Airborne unit in Tal Afar, Iraq.
B) Feeding the homeless and New Orleans hurricane evacuees at the Houston Rescue Mission.
C) Building temporary housing in Biloxi, Miss., with Habitat for Humanity.
D) Getting arrested on charges of public intoxication and resisting arrest in Austin, Texas.

While we’re on the subject, we just couldn’t resist. Match the Bush Family members with his/her criminal charges:
2) President George W. Bush
3) Presidential daughter Barbara Bush
4) Presidential daughter Jenna Bush
5) Presidential niece (and daughter of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush) Noelle Bush

A) Driving under the influence
B) Being a minor in possession of alcohol
C) Being a minor in possession of alcohol AND using a fake ID in an attempt to buy alcohol
D) Using a fraudulent prescription in an attempt to buy Xanax

6) What did Assistant U.S. Attorney General Peter Keisler recently rule as being “incompatible with the United States’ foreign policy interests”?

A) A civil lawsuit accusing Pope Benedict XVI of conspiring to cover up sexual abuse cases in Texas.
B) A Pentagon ruling that bars female officers from serving in Qatar from wearing Islamic headscarves in public.
C) A Venezuelan request to extradite Pat Robertson on charges of making a “terrorist” threat for calling for the assassination of that country’s president.
D) Putting a Christmas tree outside the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

7) According to a recent survey of 17,000 people in 17 countries by the Pew Research Center, which country has the most favorable views of Christians?

A) United States
B) Russia
C) China
D) Lebanon
E) India

8) What do Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri and South Dakota all have in common?

A) They each have “conscience clauses” on the books that allow pharmacists not to dispense medicines, like birth control pills, that they find morally objectionable.
B) They each have 10 Commandment displays outside of their state capitols.
C) They each have “In God We Trust” in their state motto.
D) No one wants to live there.

9) OK, we’ll give you the answer to the above question — each of those states have “conscience clauses” to allow pharmacists NOT to dispense medications including birth-control pills and emergency contraceptives. Leading this effort is a Christian-based group calling itself Pharmacists for Life International, which also wants to protect pharmacists from even REFERRING their patrons to other pharmacists who will fill their prescriptions. So, besides the aforementioned states, how many OTHER states have introduced similar “conscience clause” legislation?

A) 3
B) 5
C) 7
D) 13

10) What do Spokane, Wash., Portland, Ore., and Tucson, Ariz., have in common?

A) School districts in all three have been picketed by “Don’t Make a Monkey Out of Me!,” a radical group of “Intelligent Design” proponents.
B) The Catholic diocese in each city has claimed bankruptcy to protect its assets from recent sexual abuse lawsuit settlements.
C) The evangelical group “Wake Up and Smell the Jesus” has opened up Christian-themed coffee houses to compete against the secular Starbucks.
D) Pat Robertson has suggested “taking out” the mayors of each city for their support of abortion rights.
E) They are the last three cities in which the Pax TV network is still broadcast.

11) Lawyers for the Roman Catholic Church have asked a Federal judge to strike down WHAT California law as unconstitutional:

A) A law that suspends the statute of limitations to allow adults to sue institutions over their childhood sexual molestations.
B) A law that bars priests from claiming a tax-free status on their income from outside speaking arrangements.
C) A law that suspends the priest/parishioner “privilege” in cases involving suspected terrorist activity.
D) A law that will keep state-run offices open on Good Friday.

12) The chief prosecutor of the United Nations war crimes tribunal recently accused the Vatican of doing what?

A) Shredding thousands of documents detailing the church’s Nazi-era past.
B) Harboring a Croatian general accused of genocide in a network of Catholic monasteries.
C) Committing atrocities against children in 23 nations as part of the church’s sexual abuse scandal.
D) Turning a blind eye while hundreds of Muslims were slaughtered in a Kosovo “relocation camp.”

13) Which television show on the new fall schedule is being promoted as “faith in action” through a campaign where more than 7,000 DVDs have been sent directly to ministers and other members of the clergy?

A) ABC’s “Hope & Faith”
B) The WB’s “Related”
C) CBS’s “The Ghost Whisperer”
D) NBC’s “Three Wishes”
E) Fox’s “American Dad”

14) Which summer movie did conservative film critic and darling of the Christian Right Michael Medved say “most passionately affirms traditional norms like monogamy, sacrifice and child rearing?”

A) “Just Like Heaven”
B) “The 40-Year Old Virgin”
C) “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”
D) “Serenity”
E) “March of the Penguins”


1) D: Getting Arrested
2) A: George and DUI
3) B: Barbara and being a minor in possession of alcohol
4) C: Jenna and possession plus using a fake ID
5) D: Noelle and using a fake prescription
6) A: A civil lawsuit against the Pope
7) B: Russia (Actually, the U.S. came in third behind Russia and No. 2 Lebanon)
8) A: They each have “conscience clauses”
9) D: 13 states
10) B: Dioceses declaring bankruptcy
11) A: Suspending the statue of limitations in molestation cases
12) B: Harboring a general wanted for war crimes
13) D: “Three Wishes”
14) E: “March of the Penguins” (Christian conservatives also maintain that the movie promotes the anti-abortion cause, as well as supports the theory of “Intelligent Design.”)

So, how well did you do?

14-10 Correct answers: We’re willing to bet you didn’t even know we just had a National Day of Prayer and Remembrance.

9 – 5 Correct answers: Did your “conscience clause” prevent you from studying for this week’s quiz?

0-4 Correct answers: Looks like you spent a bit too much time drinking with the Bush twins!


At 12:34 PM, Blogger staunch atheist said...

At what point are we going to realize that what our government is up is literally unconstitutional? I find this administration to be one of the most radical right win governments ever(non)elected!!!!!

I say we ban the use of the word GOD from everything - our money, our pledge of allegiance, our courts, presidential speeches, government offices, otherwise we will have a western version of the Taliban infiltration our culture and before you know it, I'll be getting arrested for such blasphemous comments on a website! God help us all.

At 3:25 PM, Blogger emgee said...

So I got 7 right, I'm in the middle group. Does that make me Middle America? Really, though, great quiz--thanks for keeping us on our toes. Will have to study up for next round.

At 9:05 PM, Blogger sushifan said...

okay, so I didn't do so well and as a lapsed Catholic, my conscience clause is, I guess, on pause so I'm not going to beat myself up too much... looking forward to next week's quiz!

At 9:05 PM, Blogger sushifan said...

okay, so I didn't do so well and as a lapsed Catholic, my conscience clause is, I guess, on pause so I'm not going to beat myself up too much... looking forward to next week's quiz!

At 9:06 PM, Blogger sushifan said...

Okay, so I didn't do so well on the quiz and as a lapsed Catholic, my conscience clause is, hopefully, on pause so I'm not going to beat myself up too much... looking forward to next week's quiz!

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