Tuesday, December 05, 2006

“God’s Foreign Policy”

OK, this is the kind of stuff that even freaks us out.

The Rev. John Hagee of San Antonio is a mega-church pastor who is well connected with the Bush administration, speaking at the While House this summer on his favorite topic — foreign policy.

In fact, Mr. Hagee has often been flanked by Republican Senators and officials as he speaks passionately about what he calls “a battle between good and evil,” noting that THIS is “God’s foreign policy.”

Just what is he talking about?

A. The U.S. war in Iraq
B. The U.N.’s anti-AIDS initiative in Africa
C. The drive to eliminate Third World debt
D. Support for Israel

D: Support for Israel of course!

What the Rev. Hagee has in mind is the Evangelical belief that by protecting Israel, the United States is speeding up the Second Coming, by which Jesus saves the world — but probably kills all the Israeli Jews who don’t convert at the last minute (then again, we’re used to collateral damage around here, aren’t we?).

Thus, while Israel was bombing the hell out of Lebanon this summer, Mr. Hagee went to lobby the White House to press for letting the bombing last just a little longer.

Now Mr. Hagee is turning his attention to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, drawing parallels between him and the biblical pharaoh of Egypt. “Pharaoh threatened Israel and he ended up fish food,” Mr. Hagee said. One has to wonder what similar Bible prophecy Bush has in mind for Ahmadinejad during his final two years of office.


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