Thursday, August 24, 2006

There’s Still Something About Mary

The Virgin Mary has done it again — appearing to the faithful in the form of a food product.

In fact, religious pilgrims have spent the past week flocking to a shop in Fountain Valley, Calif., to see the 2-inch tall figure of what many are calling the Holy Mother — complete with Baby Jesus in her arms — that is made out of WHAT?

A. Chocolate drippings
B. Deep-fried Chicken feet
C. A churro (a ridged Mexican doughnut)
D. A Vienna sausage

A: This time, Mary chose the form of some chocolate cast-offs of high-end chocolatier Bodega Chocolates. Seems the drippings had gathered overnight under a large vat of dark chocolate and hardened in the 2-inch tall form.

Employees and others have been gathering to pray, light candles and place rose pedals in front of the chocolate blob ever since.


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