Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Where do Christian couples who are looking for the latest sex toys go? Apparently, not to hell.

Instead, they go to Book 22, an online clearing house offering up “Intimacy Products for Married Couples” inspired by the Song of Solomon (the 22nd book of the Bible), which includes the famous verse: “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.”

“We believe that God intended that such love, as spoken in Song of Solomon, be a beautiful and normal part of marital life,” the site offers. “Book22 is offering quality products to enhance the intimate life of God’s children. Our hope is that our products will serve as intimacy enhancers for your marriage.”

So, which of the following is NOT an actual “intimacy enhancer” offered for sale to “God’s children” by Book22?

A. Devine Storage Box “so your intimate items will be safely stored under lock and key, safe from children's view, and dust bunnies.”
B. 2Touch Bunny “all-in-one clitoral stimulator and penis ring”
C. Upon This Rock “all-nature herbal male enhancement supplement”
D. Cleopatra’s Secret “edible female response crème.”
E. The BW101 Delay Spray “male control product that is highly recommended for men who struggle with rapid ejaculation”
F. Astrea I Remote Briefs “remote control vibrating brief provide discreet hands-free stimulation”

C: Thus far, Book22 does not offer any product called the “Upon This Rock all natural herbal male enhancement supplement.” But just give them time…


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