Thursday, June 01, 2006


No Playboy or Penthouse magazines in the clubhouse. Bible quotes hanging in the weight room. And players crowding into prayer and fellowship groups each Tuesday.

One perennially losing Major League Baseball is trying a new approach to making the playoffs — by turning Christian.

The team’s owners and management insist that while they will still hire non-Christian players, their focus on a Christian-based code of conduct is already paying dividends with God actually taking time out of His otherwise busy schedule to help them to win games.

As the team’s general manager puts it: “You look at some of the games we’re winning. Those aren’t just a coincidence. God definitely had a hand in this.”

So, just what is God’s newest favorite team?

A. The San Diego Padres
B. The Washington Nationals
C. The Colorado Rockies
D. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays

C: The Colorado Rockies. Says the team’s chairman and CEO, “Christians, and what they’ve endured, are some of the strongest people in baseball. I believe God sends signs, and we’re seeing those.”

Then again, as of this writing, the Rockies were in third place in the National League West, meaning that by Christian standards at least, God still likes the L.A. Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks just a bit more.


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